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Embarking on the journey to homeownership is an exciting and fulfilling endeavor, but the financial aspects can often seem daunting. With numerous loan options available, finding the right financing to build or buy a new home requires careful consideration and expert guidance. Partnering with a trusted mortgage provider, such as our preferred lender FBC Mortgage, can streamline the financing process and make your dream home a reality.

Why Choose FBC Mortgage as Your Preferred Lender

When it comes to securing financing for your new home, having a reliable and knowledgeable partner is crucial. Our preferred lender, FBC Mortgage, stands out for several compelling reasons:

1 Reliability

FBC Mortgage is known for its reliability. Count on them to deliver on promises, ensuring a smooth and predictable financing experience.

2 Timely Closings

Closing on time is paramount in the real estate process. FBC Mortgage excels in meeting deadlines, providing peace of mind during what can be a time-sensitive period.

3 Consistent Communication

Clear and consistent communication is key to a successful home financing journey. FBC Mortgage prides itself on keeping clients informed at every stage, fostering a transparent and stress-free experience.

4 Familiarity With Our Process

Our preferred lender understands our unique home buying or building process. This familiarity ensures they can navigate potential challenges efficiently, resulting in a more streamlined experience for you.

5 Smooth Loan Closings

FBC Mortgage is committed to ensuring a seamless loan closing. Their expertise minimizes potential roadblocks, allowing you to transition smoothly from financing to homeownership.

6 Access to Trusted Contacts

Unlike online call centers common with many lenders, FBC Mortgage provides a network of trusted contacts. This personal touch enhances the overall experience, offering real-time assistance and support.

Promotions and Incentives

To further enhance your home buying experience, we often offer promotions and incentives for choosing our preferred lender. These benefits, combined with FBC Mortgage's expertise, create an invaluable synergy that contributes to a positive and seamless home purchase or construction process.

Qualification Assistance

Unsure if you qualify for a home loan? FBC Mortgage can help with that too. Their experienced team can quickly assess your eligibility and guide you on the necessary steps to overcome any obstacles. If challenges arise, FBC Mortgage will work with you to develop a plan, turning your dream of homeownership into a reality.

Navigating the complexities of home financing becomes more manageable with the right partner. Don't let financing uncertainties hold you back—act now and take the first steps toward realizing your dream home.

Meet Our Preferred Lender

Bambi Wiggins

Branch Manger / Mortgage Loan Originator | FBC Mortgage | NMLS ID# 369809

Bambi Wiggins joined FBC Mortgage, LLC in 2015. Prior to joining FBC Mortgage, LLC, Bambi worked in the mortgage business for over 17 years where the majority of her career was spent with M/I Financial as an Operations Manager.

She is proficient in all areas of the mortgage business. She has worked as an Underwriter, Loan Officer, Processor, and Assistant Compliance Officer. She specializes in working closely with builders and is dedicated to her customers and providing excellent customer service.

While employed by M/I Financial, she won several awards for providing excellent customer service.

When not working to finance her clients homes you can find her faithfully watching and supporting the Florida Gators during football and basketball season, along with spending time with her significant other, Jason, and their three fur children: Chebby, Piper, and Kona. Email Bambi at

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