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Our Team

James Monroe Homes

In 2006, James and his wife Martha Monroe embarked on a remarkable journey in the home building industry. Beginning as a Project Manager, James seized an opportunity to construct two spec homes while still dedicating himself to his full-time role.  In only 62 days, he accomplished this feat, laying the foundation for what would become a successful venture. Inspired by their success, James and Martha, made a pivotal decision to start Via Vita Development (dba James Monroe Homes) at the tender age of 23, with the modest aspiration of constructing five homes annually.

The initial decade proved to be an immersive experience for James Monroe Homes, with James managing the helm full-time, complemented by Martha's concurrent roles as a Registered Nurse and a devoted parent of three. However, the duo recognized the limitations of the solopreneurial approach. Realizing that success demanded more than just the ability to build exceptional homes, they embarked on a transformative journey to build a formidable team. Recognizing the importance of hiring the right people, James and Martha strategically expanded their team, setting the stage for a paradigm shift.

With a team in place, the focus shifted towards enhancing the building process for clients. In a pivotal move in 2017, James and Martha unveiled an innovative design center, revolutionizing the client experience. The design center offered clients a unique opportunity to collaborate one-on-one with professional designers, customizing selections for their new homes. This progressive approach not only elevated the client experience but also set a new industry standard for personalized home building.

In 2018, James Monroe took yet another leap, venturing into development, marking a significant milestone in the company's evolution. Today, the company thrives in three distinct developments strategically located throughout the Central Kentucky area. This diversification is a testament to James Monroe Homes' adaptability and commitment to meeting the evolving needs of their clientele.

Also in 2018, the company's achievements were further highlighted when James Monroe was recognized by Professional Builder magazine as one of the top 40 under 40 professionals in the country. This accolade not only acknowledged James's individual contributions but also underscored the collective success of James Monroe Homes in redefining industry standards and setting new benchmarks for excellence.  In 2021, the company was recognized by the National Housing Quality Awards for excellence in construction and customer service.

Beyond the realms of construction, James and Martha Monroe are devoted to extending their commitment to the community. The establishment of the James and Martha Monroe Foundation exemplifies their dedication to social responsibility. The foundation actively engages in providing educational opportunities, scholarship programs, youth initiatives, and inspiration to local communities. Through this philanthropic endeavor, James and Martha continue to embody their commitment to giving back, sharing the abundance of blessings that their journey has bestowed upon them.

In essence, the story of James Monroe Homes is one of resilience, innovation, and community impact. From the humble beginnings of constructing two spec homes to evolving into a multifaceted enterprise, the company's narrative reflects the unwavering commitment of its founders to excellence in home building and a profound dedication to uplifting the communities they touch. 


Continuous Improvement

Willingness to learn and grow, both personally and professionally.  There is always room to improve, innovate and do something better and more efficiently. 

Rolling Up our Sleeves

It is important for every team member to be willing to help in various capacities, regardless of their role to reach a collective goal and benefit the company as a whole. 

Transparency / Discretion

We expect discretion, honesty and a strong display of ethics in all of our interactions with clients, vendors, and our team. 


Creative thinking, new ideas and “thinking outside the box” are essential to our success.  Innovative designs and technology are critical to staying competitive in a rapidly evolving market. 


Attention to detail, pride in our work and a strong focus on customer service must be demonstrated with every client and project. 


Learning by experience is how we grow. We should not be afraid of failure if we are trying, learning, and moving forward daily.  You will be encouraged to push yourself to try new things both personally and professionally, and share these lessons learned with your co-workers. 

Our Team

At James Monroe Homes, we thrive on the belief that each team member is invaluable to our collective success. Our future is determined by hiring and developing a team whose dedication and expertise go above and beyond the industry standard. We strive for home building excellence. In order to achieve our goals, we must function as a collective group united by a shared vision and our team core values.

Darin Durham

Vice President of Construction

Scott Goedde

Vice President of Operations

Brent Reid

Chief Financial Officer

Joy Moore

Sales & Marketing Manager

Deborah Stigall

Marketing Coordinator

Suzanne Thornton

Office Manager

Austin Dillow


Matt Braun

Site Supervisor

Charles McKinley

Site Supervisor

Kristin Murrow

New Home Sales Consultant

Christina Shepard

New Home Sales Consultant

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