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James Monroe Homes

2024 Sales Reveals The Most Popular Home Plans to Date

Posted: May, 3, 2024    Categories: Events

Just like the exhilarating race at the Kentucky Derby, the home plans named after the United States' first ladies are galloping to success in 2024. Among these plans, the Barbara, the Nancy, and the Abigail are leading the pack, capturing the hearts and minds of home buyers in Central Kentucky. As the dust settles, the Barbara has outsold the Nancy by a slim margin and the Abigail trails not too far behind.

Each plan brings its own strengths and character to the table. The Barbara, standing tall in the Winner's Circle, prevailed due to the spacious first floor living with the option of a finished second floor bedroom and loft. However, for buyers looking for a second floor primary suite, the Nancy and the Abigail are still both top contenders.  

By James Monroe Homes

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